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Another year over

It’s the Winter Solstice – 21st December – as I begin to write this, as deep into winter as you can get before the pendulum swings back towards the light of spring. This year has been another strange one, often challenging, heartbreaking, joyous. We’ve welcomed new members to the family and sadly bade others farewell. […]

To the lighthouse!

Last weekend we went on one of our long family walks to Black Nore Lighthouse, which you may know is how the online journal I launched in January got its name. The walk got me thinking (as walks often do) how much I’m enjoying being an editor again after a break of about four years. […]

Back in the saddle

Something new this way comes!

Finally a new mixtape – back to the early 90s (again)

It’s like a trawl of the toilet venues of the early 90s!

Hi-Viz is here at last!

Announcing the publication of my third collection.

On Not Approaching the New Year

An unpublished poem from my forthcoming collection, Hi-Viz.

Making a connection

On chip shops and getting the message across.

Opening up at closing time

Something about creativity, autumn and the dreaded lurgy.

News and a photo of a small dog

An update on the whereabouts of my next book and news about a forthcoming feature on my blog.

Ring out the old, ring in the new

My usual end of year burbling.