A small selection of my published poems.

Jawline Review – 31/12/15 – link

March of Progress

I’ll have to take your word for it that we are evolving,
unfurling and redefining to stand astride millennia
as superbeings moulded around plastic and circuitry.

I know that we lived in caves and had brows
which furrowed in wonderment at sparks and dead flesh;
that some of us daubed our shopping lists on the walls.

But are we still reaching out our hands, straightening,
feeling calves sting and stretch, backs arching to
become something else, another skull in a row?

A Living Will

If one day I look up and ask your name,
or speak of dead relations in the present tense,
then you know what I want you to do.

If I go out on my own and forget where I live,
or I can’t add up the change in my pocket,
then you know what it’s time to do.

If I can’t get dressed in the morning,
feed or keep myself clean,
then you know what you have to do.

If the light’s gone from my eyes,
and all you see is a stranger with my face
then please, please, please just do it.

Message In A Bottle Poetry Magazine – 10/06/15 – link


Putting the bins out on a damp night
my foot finds that almost-resistance
and I hear the shell crackle and give.

I lean on the door frame
to inspect the carcass on my sole.
Other than flecks of swirling brown
which used to be its home
there’s no semblance of the snail;
no curious dotted feelers that shrink
at the merest touch, no grey tweed pleats
on which to slowly surf.

All that remains is a sticky, crunchy stain
and faintly discernible structures
which cling to my slipper’s underside
like a slob’s flobbed chewing gum.

I roll my eyes and curse that we should
collide this way tonight; the snail biding
in my car’s shadow on the drive,
me crag-kneed heaving a crammed wheelie-bin.

Although I could say sorry, there’s more
to these little deaths than simple regret;
they creep on my shoulders one by one
and something unseen jabs a finger,
notes down my name.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Confetti on the rain-covered pavement;
I stoop to inspect it and see

blue ballpoint hearts and hasty kisses.
I peel up every last torn piece

keep it safe in my pocket until I’m home
and then tape it back together.

A smudged jigsaw of promises and regret,
it deserves a second chance.

The Blue Hour Magazine – 22/02/15 – link

Some Moments Stay With You

One morning I looked out
at the snow-covered garden
and saw the curled russet form
of a sleeping fox.

He and the muffled world
slept on while the fogged glass
stung my brow, until at last
he stirred, stretched and
glanced away into memory.

Ink, Sweat & Tears – 25/01/15 – link


Look up on a clear night,
you’ll see me glint by.
I’ll try to wave assuming
I’m not doing space things.

They’ve got me growing
weed under lamps;
I have to roll it generously
and put on funny hats.

There are box sets
but not what you’d hope:
“Little House On The Prairie”,
“Merlin” and “Bread”.

I’m the last one aboard,
a chimp in loungewear.
I’ve spilt my peanuts
to see if they notice.

Fry Your Friends – 08/11/14 – link


Sometimes a young life
boils down to a willingness
to go skinny-dipping.

Throwing off your clothes
as you run laughing into
a gargle of salty spume

while someone else sits
among the dunes, worrying
you’ll catch your death.



  1. Not only can you run a good publishing journal but you can carry a line nicely too.


  2. theroadsarerivers · · Reply

    really good poems, man 🙂

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