News and a photo of a small dog

I hope this blog update finds you well. What a strange few months we’ve all experienced! Mercifully our little corner of the world doesn’t seem to have been too badly affected by Coronavirus and if anything we had quite a nice time being together as a family during the lockdown. We added to our little unit in early March – George the Border Terrier puppy came aboard and has proved a very welcome distraction.

George 01 10 20

I just wanted to post a bit of an update to say that during the lockdown I’ve been thinking of ways to enliven this blog a little bit. Just recently I realised that I’ve been missing publishing other people’s poetry but I didn’t want to go back to sifting through hundreds of submissions. The solution is a new feature which will go live on this site on Monday 12th October – “Finest”.

Every week (hopefully) I’ll be asking a poet of my choice to nominate one of their own poems of which they’re particularly proud. Perhaps they see it as the best poem they’ve written. Maybe it’s won a competition or always goes down well at readings. Or maybe it’s a poem they’ve submitted to lots of journals without success – most of us poets have got a few of them – but they can’t bear to write them off as lost causes! Either way, they’ll be telling us in their own words what the poem means to them and what inspired it.

The first poet who’ll be featured is Mark Connors, with whose work many of you will be familiar. I hope you enjoy it.

The second bit of news (and which is linked to Mark in his capacity as a managing editor with YAFFLE) is that we’re hoping that my next collection (‘Hi-Viz’) will be published in Spring 2021. I took the decision to postpone it when it became clear that the health crisis wasn’t going to be over for quite some time and because a major part of the enjoyment I get from publishing a new book is travelling up and down the country reading bits of it to people, there didn’t seem much point in unleashing it just then.

Anyway, make sure you tune in on Monday to read Mark’s poem, and I will try and post news about my exploits as soon as I have anything to say!



  1. Nice idea. Will look out for it.

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  2. This is great news! Looking forward to it.

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