A despatch from the front line of the NHS from Roy Marshall.

The Politest Riot I will not play into hands that would beckon close only to shuck me off before they plunge into vats of antibacterial. I will not play – screaming, swearing, kicking, spitting – though God, I know the urge. Far too easy for you to dismiss as emotional, erratic, unstable hysteric. I will […]

A deceptively simple, but nonetheless powerful poem today.

An object lesson in the art of the sustained metaphor today from Siegfried Baber.

Memory, dialect and family history are interwoven in R.M. Francis’ memorable poem.

A poem of origins today from Simon Williams.

A special treat today from one of my favourite poets.

The miracle of birth is shown in all its glory and mystery today in Helen Sheppard’s dazzling poem.

A poem of real warmth and humour today from Wolverhampton’s Poet Laureate.

A touching meditation on the nature of fatherhood today from US poet Kevin Casey, who is another favourite from my time running Clear Poetry.