A tender eulogy to a loved one.

Something extra special today, which will blow your mind both in terms of the subject matter and the astonishing feat of writing in form(s).

It’s hard to summarise Rebecca’s poem today – it seems to cover so much ground in its 20 lines. Hope you enjoy it.

We’re walking on eggshells today as Sue Kindon skirts around a family reconciliation.

A poignant poem about two staples – love and bread – today from Clear Poetry alumnus Gus Peterson.

A stunning poem today from Beth McDonough.

We’re at the mercy of the Professor of Whimsy, performance poet Robert Garnham, today.

I can’t begin to understand how this poem, which is the fifteenth in a heroic crown of sonnets was painstakingly put together, but it’s enjoyable to read about that process!

Voice Memos i south-west edge of the common dodging knots of walkers I come to where the culvert opens its gullet into the stream – hart’s-tongue ferns and violets doing their usual on the sloping banks, jar necks and twisted metal spars protruding from the muddy bed where the past is being washed away in […]

The husband From the start some things puzzled him: the strange shadow that played around her legs her plaits’ gleam like angel hair at low tide the way she was only happy when in the bath how she’d eat nothing but raw fish and seaweed though she wasn’t Japanese; her great love of sitting on […]