Finally a new mixtape – back to the early 90s (again)

Now that I’m not driving into Bristol every day in a car which only plays CDs, I’ve found my listening tastes can be as fleeting and eclectic as I like as I sit at my desk in our study. For some reason I’ve arrived very late to the Spotify party, but seeing some playlists posted by Mark Connors and Julia Webb on Facebook recently piqued my curiosity and I thought I’d dive in!

My old method for making mixtapes was very laborious – finding tracks by trawling through CDs, paintstakingly digitising them as MP3s and then sequencing them on a digital audio workstation I used in my music production days (called Kristal Audio Engine) meant that the process was taking too long. 

Spotify lets you add any track you like to a public playlist in seconds, so I’m back in the game!

It occurred to me yesterday that there are loads of lesser known tracks I liked as a long-haired (no laughing at the back) indie kid in the early 90s, so with a spare couple of hours I’ve been able to put some of them together into a playlist. I’ve included tunes from fairly popular bands from that era – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Carter USM, The Wonder Stuff, Teenage Fanclub, Suede, Sugar, Radiohead etc, as well as others like Cud (where the title track for the playlist comes from), Sultans of Ping FC and Senseless Things who might have dipped under the radar for some.

The beauty of Spotify is that if you enjoy you can easily click through to their page and check out their other music, so it’s easy to disappear down the rabbit hole and discover lots of music.

Anyway, here’s the playlist, which I’ve also embedded on my dedicated mixtapes page on this site. Enjoy!


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