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DIY – the punk ethic

A few pointers for anyone considering setting up their own online literary journal.


Stop me and buy one.

Dirty cash money.

The Calm Before The Storm – or – The Champagne’s On Ice.

In which I aim to justify my scattergun submission strategy.

Coming out

I am a poet. There. Easy. I typed that without any trouble at all – in fact there might even have been a little frisson in the simple act of tapping out those eleven characters. So why have I never said those words out loud? Sure, I’ve muttered “I write poetry” to people – generally […]

On editing

What on earth possessed me to start my own blog (Clear Poetry)? Who am I anyway, to set myself up as some high-and-mighty poetry editor, imbuing myself with God-like powers over other poets? I’m no King of the Castle – let’s get that straight from the start. I enjoyed English at school enough to pursue […]