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Finest: Sarah James/Leavesley – “Run, little rabbit, run”

V.Press editor-in-chief Sarah Leavesley/James takes us inside her ten-line masterpiece.

Finest: Ronnie Goodyer – “Being There”

A stunner from Indigo Dreams co-director Ronnie Goodyer today, which shows how the poet can faithfully capture a moment for a reader.

Finest: Alison Brackenbury – “Sunday on the coach”

An atmospheric poem, as well as news of Alison Brackenbury’s new collection.

Finest: Rachael Clyne – “I cradle my grief”

An affecting eco poem by Rachael Clyne.

Finest: Dawn Bauling – “In the lane”

A moving, bitter-sweet poem from Dawn Bauling today.

Finest: Martin Malone – “Gannet”

Martin Malone’s poem is a pinpoint study of a bird he knew he needed to write about.

Finest: Marc Woodward – “The Boar”

Marc Woodward’s brush with a wild boar, and his own mortality.

Finest: Kate Garrett – “Changeling”

An insightful and disarmingly honest piece today about a heartbreaking childhood memory.

Finest: Alasdair Paterson – “Fishermen”

Alasdair Paterson reflects on a poem which has taken on a life of its own.

Finest: Paul McGrane – “Industrial Heritage”

Paul takes us back to his roots in a former mining community in West Wales.