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Finest: Mark Totterdell – “Amber Dagger Pommel”

An intriguing poem today about war and (re)discovery.

Finest: Charley Barnes – “Headstones”

A poem I really identify with today which centres around a dog walk.

Finest: Stephen Payne – “Crown Green Bowls”

An evocative poem in an intriguing form.

Finest: Annie Fisher – “Sitting With Friends”

A poem of friendship, stillness and the everyday.

Finest: Claire Williamson – “My Brother and Mother as Horses”

A poem of grief and wish fulfilment.

Finest: Tom Sastry – “A suburban accountant remembers his whipping boy”

There’s much at play in Tom Sastry’s fictional setting.

Finest: Charlotte Ansell – “Where they burn books…”

Racial tension smoulders at the heart of Charlotte Ansell’s astonishing poem.

Finest: Rachael Smart – “Phantoms”

An intensely atmospheric prose poem.

Finest: Pat Edwards – “Shelley Winters didn’t make it”

Memory, trauma and mermaids collide in Pat Edwards’ terrific poem.

Finest: Pauline Sewards – “i.m. Barbara Hepworth”

A searing poem of transformation from Pauline Sewards.