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Another year

When I sat down to write this latest blog update, I did so thinking that 2017 has been a quiet year for me as a writer, but it was actually anything but! In terms of writing, I haven’t spent anything like enough time on new work – the vast majority of the poems I’ve drafted […]


On tour!

In which I burble about some IDP readings in Bristol and Exeter, as well as other news…

Cheltenham – Part 2 (and other news)

A highly enjoyable trip to Cheltenham and a bunch of other news.

“Darkroom” in London Grip New Poetry

Sometimes you write a poem which is so thick with emotion you wonder whether you should push it out into the world. So it was with “Darkroom”, which is just about as personal as it’s possible to be in that it describes my dad working through a stash of the family photographs he took in […]