Finest: Rose Cook – “On Love and Aviation”

Each week, I’ll be asking a poet to nominate one of their own pieces and to tell me a little about it – how it came to be written and what it means to them.

Rose Cook

On Love and Aviation

And so as we take off,
the cheerful man in the seat next to me
with his giant RAF watch
with gold wings for hands
and his crowned winged badge in his lapel
and his blazer with brass buttons
asks me if I understand the principles of flight.

He takes out his pen
and draws me a diagram on his paper,
explaining in a friendly voice about wing shape,
drag and lift and airflow.
It is all a question of balance.

I understand.
It is the same impossibility with love.
Later, I point out the light auras on the propellers,
how they look like cartoon drawings.

Ah yes, he says, the haloes
and he smiles.

“This is one of my favourite own poems, written after a short flight from Newquay to London Gatwick. It was such an unusual and enjoyable encounter. I have read it often at poetry events, particularly when requested by an aerophile poet-friend.

“It was published in an American flight magazine called Airplane Reading, as well as Artemis Poetry and in my book Notes From a Bright Field (Cultured Llama Publishing 2013).”

Rose Cook is a poet and photographer who lives in Devon. She co-founded the popular Devon poetry and performance forum One Night Stanza, as well as poetry performance group Dangerous Cardigans.

Her poetry has been published in five collections, her latest is called Sightings (Grey Hen Press 2019).



  1. rose cook · · Reply

    Thanks Ben, nice flying with you again x

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    1. Thanks very much for taking part, Rose!


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