A lock-in!

A quick update here for now – late last week I received my contributor copy of OWF Press’s wondrous Half Moon, which is an anthology of poems inspired by pubs produced in partnership with Otley Pub Club. Hostelries being something of a specialist subject for me (having worked in two in my younger days back in Brum and frequented quite a few in the intervening years) I jumped at the chance to submit.

Happily, they took two of mine, ‘Training’ and ‘Perfect Pub’.

The book is beautifully designed, as are the excellent beer mats which feature some of the shorter poems in the book.

I’m thrilled to be in such great company, including friends Charlotte Ansell, Carole Bromley, Paul Burns, Sarah L Dixon, Angie Holden, Gill Lambert, Charles Lauder Jr, Lesley Quayle, Judi Sutherland, Mark Totterdell, Sarah Watkinson and Marc Woodward. There are also contributions from the likes of Geoff Hattersley (whose work I really admire), Brian Bilston and Oz Hardwick. Stellar stuff.

Sadly, I’m unable to make the launch reading in Otley on 6th October. If you’re quick you can pick up a copy at a reduced price of £7.50 (plus £2 P&P) – click here for details.

My thanks to Charles Lauder Jr for the loan of the excellent photo, which includes a serving suggestion for a bottle of luscious Badger ale!


‘Still life with ale’ by Charles Lauder Jr


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