Sarasvati 039

It was great to arrive home from work today to find the latest issue of Indigo Dreams’ Sarasvati quarterly journal waiting for me. Ably edited by Dawn Bauling and with its usual dazzling cover imagery by Ronnie Goodyer, it’s another handsome-looking publication from IDP.

Sarasvati 1

I sent Dawn a few poems back in June, and in the same reply I got from her accepting five of them (“Courage, mon brave”, “Coast”, “This is a Low”, “The Morning She Died” and “Fisherman’s Friends”) she suggested that I might like to submit a manuscript for a book. Regular readers of this blog will know that what followed was one of those pinch-me experiences where that little clutch of 20 poems became my debut pamphlet, Communing, which IDP will publish next year.

Anyhow, for a very reasonable £4.25 (single copy) or £16 (four issues, including P&P) you get a nice perfect-bound 52pp A5 magazine featuring a warm welcome message from Dawn, a few reader letters concerning the previous issue and then a lovingly curated selection of poetry (and sometimes prose). What’s nice here is that Dawn generally likes to publish four (or more) poems by each contributor, which helps to get a good feel for their work and even opens up the possibility of including a short sequence.

Sarasvati 2Sarasvati 3

As well as one or two familiar names (like Poetry Kit’s Jim Bennett), I particularly enjoyed work by James Bell, which has a fresh and uncluttered feel which neatly mirrors the ebb and flow of the rivers and natural landscapes he describes; James Finnegan’s spare, impressionistic style is similarly refreshing; Jenna Plewes’ six poems (especially “6 am”) were equally vivid yet economical and without a word wasted or out of place.

All in all, then, an enjoyable selection of fresh and sometimes surprising poetry which seems to return time and again to the beauty of the natural world, its wildlife and landscapes, as each writer reflects on the world outside their window. Give it a whirl.

Thanks again to Dawn for including my poems – they’re in good hands and great company.

For more info, and to order a copy or subscribe, head to

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