“Lost to JPEG” in The Fat Damsel

As readers of this blog are probably sick of hearing by now, Jo Bell’s 52 project was incredible, not only for the way that it got 500-odd poets writing on a weekly basis, but also for how sociable it was. Many of us have stayed in touch and some have gone on to set up their own blogs publishing work.

The Fat Damsel is one such site, which was conceived by the lovely Jane Burn. Not content with being a very fine illustrator (as readers of The Black Light Engine Room will testify) she is also an excellent and engaging poet with a new pamphlet (fAt aRouNd tHe MiddLe) out RIGHT NOW and a debut collection due out from Indigo Dreams next year.

Jane conceived The Fat Damsel earlier this year and quickly roped in her close friend Catherine Ayres to edit Take Ten, which publishes short poems which might not otherwise see the light of day. There’s also Pod, which is edited by fellow 52er Beth McDonough, and which features poems about parenting.

Finally, there’s the mothership, Poems to Survive in, for “pieces you simply had to write”. Issue 3 is guest-edited by Julia Webb, another 52er and again, a fantastic poet in her own right whose collection will be published by Nine Arches Press in 2016. I’m delighted that she chose my poem “Lost to JPEG”; you can read it here.


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