“Punch” on Yellow Chair Review

There’s a wealth of fantastic poetry appearing on the web – possibly more than on the printed page. I’ve heard that there are so many restaurants in New York City that you could eat out at a different place every night for the rest of your life and not even scratch the surface. And so it is with online journals, which range from roadside stands selling botulism-in-a-bun, through to Michelin-starred eateries run by Chefs You’ve Heard Of.

Falling into the latter camp is Yellow Chair Review which is a monthly magazine-style publication presented on the excellent issuu platform, which gives the look and page-turning feel of reading a physical paper magazine. I really enjoyed the first couple of issues and submitted a few pieces. I was amazed to receive a reply from the editor, Sarah Frances Moran (herself a respected and very talented poet) within a matter of hours, accepting another of my pieces written during 52 – “Punch”.

You can read it at http://issuu.com/yellowchairreview/docs/yellowchairreviewissue3/33?e=0/14521280

I’ve since exchanged a few emails with Sarah and I’ll be featuring some of her work in an upcoming installment of Clear Poetry.

I particularly like the diversity of the work on offer in YCR, as well as the illustrations which Sarah chooses to accompany some of the work. YCR also has a couple of other features which are well worth checking out – there’s a weekly feature blog, which highlights some of the best poets currently on the scene, as well as Rock the Chair, which publishes one poem taken from an open call for submissions on a rolling weekly basis. Finally, there’s a Social Justice blog which publishes work inspired by the LGBT community’s struggle for equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.

My thanks again to Sarah for publishing “Punch”, and do please check out, and subscribe to, Yellow Chair Review.


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