On the publication trail

I have a few poems scheduled for publication soon so what better place to brag about that than my own blog?

Over the weekend I was delighted to receive an acceptance from the splendid Lunar Poetry, who are taking four of my poems for their next issue which is due out imminently.

On 1st April I’ve got a poem (“Night Tide”) in the latest issue of Popshot Magazine, which I can’t wait to get in my grubby mitts as it’s easily the best looking poetry mag on the market.

Then shortly after (exact publication date is currently TBC) I have a poem called “St Gerasimus” in Tribe Magazine, which is publishing an issue online themed around international culture.

Finally I have four poems coming out in the next issue of Message In A Bottle ezine, which is due to appear online in the Summer.

I’ve got a couple of sets of poems out with publications at the moment, so there may be more to announce there, but I feel another wave of submissions coming on…

Meanwhile, Clear Poetry is going from strength to strength and I’m receiving a steady stream of excellent submissions from established poets and newcomers alike. Just to give you an idea of stats, in January WordPress counted 1,432 hits from 521 visitors, which rose to 1,780 hits from 570 visitors in February. Some of the posts are getting a phenomenal amount of shares on Facebook and Twitter which makes me so happy and proud for the writers who have taken the leap of faith and lent me their precious poems. I bloody loves it.


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